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HKTG Parts Recovery

HKTG Parts Recovery: The Business The Logo and the Nostalgic HT Belmont Delivery Van.

Late in September 2005 I registered the business name HKTG Parts Recovery. I began trading from a small shed on the outskirts of Golden Grove in October 2005 starting with a $200 HT Kingswood wreck I bought in Virginia. After a year or so I outgrew the residence and moved to a much larger premise consisting of a workshop and yard in Salisbury Plain where I still operate from today, with about 20 plus vehicles in my possession. I am not some hobbyist importer operating from a suburban backyard shed, but a reputable soletrader with original ideas.



The HKTG Parts Recovery Logo was an original idea of mine from the onset of the business and was purposely designed to imitate the early Holden parts packaging of the late 60's to early 70's. Many customers have commented on the familiarity of the design and commended me for it. Unfortunately in recent times there have been some who have copied the idea and it is now a Registered Trademark. HKTG Restoration Parts, a division of HKTG Parts Recovery will be the face of the new products I make available. Whether it be new reproduction or refurbished used parts, you can be assured the quality will be of the highest standard. The logo design was based on the GM parts packaging and has also been trademarked.


Early in 2006 I purchased my HT Belmont Panel Van from a local wrecker that had just got it in and was going to scrap it. Just in time! I found it unusual that the original paint was yellow, and after further investigation of the paint code I found it to be an ex RAA service van fleet vehicle (Royal Automobile Association of SA). It still retained its original paint but was a tired unit overall with considerable rust in the panels. I installed my trusty 186 that I had used in two previous HT's (15 years on this motor is still untouched and in original condition although I have lost track of the miles it has done and it is showing no signs of tiredness), did some necessary tidying up and then registered it for the road. I did some research on it and it turns that it was commissioned to the Hage Holden dealership in Tanunda SA. It arrived there sometwhere around 74 and was still there in 79.  It is still my main business/promotional vehicle today. Over time the panels have been restored and replaced and it will soon come off the road to undergo extensive work and then to be finished off with nostalgic signage to complement it. For many years to come it will always be the original HKTG Parts Recovery nostalgic delivery van.

HT_VAN.JPG       13072009-001-.jpg

HKTG Parts Recovery had a major trade stand at the 2006 Monaro Nationals in Loxton SA and was a major sponsor of the 2007 SA All Monaro Day. I also traded at and sponsored the 2008 & 2009 SA All Monaro Days. My first major input to a restoration was a Silver Mink HK GTS Monaro 307. It won 'Best HK Original/Restored' & 'Best Original/Restored Overall' in 2008 at the SA All Monaro Day. Another vehicle I had considerable input into its restoration, another Silver Mink HK GTS, won 'Best Original/Restored HK' at the 2009 SA All Monaro Day. My business premises are a stone throw from the reputable 'Classic & Muscle Restorations' www.classicandmuscle.com.au premises with whom I work closely with. I was also on the committee of the Monaro Club of SA as Editor of their Newsletter between 2007- 2009, 2010 - 2011.